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Compass; navigating true northTrue North is Your Sweet Spot.

You know your compass is pointing True North when: 
• On most days you wake up feeling passionate about life.
•  Your needs are met.
•  You consistently obtain measurable results.
•  You contribute to humanity and feel fulfilled.
Do these qualities describe your life? If not, this program is designed for YOU!

If you want to get in shape
find the best coach for the job.


It took a little over two years of training before I was able to hike to the top of  Machu Picchu.  There is nothing to compare with the sense of fulfillment one feels after one completing a worthwhile  goal. ”Finish the Year Strong.” is a course designed for those who need help in scaling their mountain.


Finish the Year Strong

•     This course consists of 5 one-hour  phone calls using my “New Awakening Compass” a tool design to help you succeed. 

•     ”Boxing the Compass” is a system created by for determining your unique style of doing business.
•     During this five week course you will set a major goal and I will teach you the necessary steps to achieve it.
•     We will create a map for 2014 which will include a month by month outline.
•     Utilizing my Shamanic techniques I will help you to overcome blocks and release your creative energies.
•     Throughout the course we will discuss how to develop effective marketing strategies on various social media platforms.
•     Although all calls will be recorded I highly recommend that each participant be present during the “live”class.

 Class is limited to 20 people.  Cost is $250.

DATES: Monday’s, Nov 25, December 2, 9, 16,  and 30th
PLUS a bonus follow-up session in 2014
All classes will be held at 11 am (PST)

For those who prefer one-one-one mentoring I am offering a  one day coaching program called

Rent my Brain

With every registration you receive the home study, “Finding Your Authentic Business Brand.” Using a process of practical business combined with energy work, people have reported amazing results. My program is also available Separately as a  Home Study. 

Here is what participants had to say about Finding Your Authentic Business Brand.

“When I came to Renee, I was at a low point in my life. My father had died the year before and I was dealing with a crumbling family dynamic. I was unsure of my next step professionally and I was tired, drained, directionless and paralyzed with grief and indecision. I knew it was time to move forward, but I wasn’t sure how. My friend recommended Renee. I was deeply skeptical and I challenged her. During our first meeting I told Renee that I didn’t know how she was going to help me and I didn’t think it was going to work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. A year and a half later, I have started my own film finance and production company and just finished post production on my first feature film that I executive produced and produced. I am happy, driven, focused and dating. I am deeply thankful that Renee is a part of my life. It is her compassion, tools and discipline that re-centered me and continue to help me grow, achieve and thrive while working towards my highest potential.” George Young Warner AD LUCEM Entertainment

” Your class is exactly what I need right now. The tools you are giving us are fantastic!”

“My true teachers always recognized that what I needed to hear was what I needed to hear at that moment, irrespective of how I might react to it. “    George

Thank you, Renee! You asked the “hard” questions and offered excellent guidance. Gratefully, I am back on track now….”    Mary

“I love how you’ve woven in the power of archetypes in our lives with the four directions, the winds that empower us with vision and healing. I am a total Jungian so it really spoke that undercurrent in our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Today, you gave us such concrete information about how the various social media outlets operate and how best to leverage a business or brand via those networks. I’m a heavy user of social media and even I learned something new. I believe your compass idea is powerful and will help people access their intuitive knowledge to better harness their energies in their work, whatever it is they do. I love that you encouraged me to see my writing as a business rather than a “hobby.” You are right on in every way. I love your tough love approach. I would recommend your coaching services to everyone.”    Lisa 

   Renee Baribeau  Renee Baribeau is The Practical Shaman. She is known for her no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” approach to successful business practices. Her clients are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, movie executives, socialpreneurs,  and celebrities who understand the necessity of a life coach to remain fit for life’s business opportunities.
–    Possessed of an entrepreneurial spirit, Renee has owned two successful restaurants and catering companies, and spent ten years as a corporate executive. Walking comfortably in two worlds, she is both a successful business leader and a humble servant of her community and the earth using her shamanic tool kit.
–   In 2010, Renee’s healing memoir, The Shaman Chef: How Cooking Saved My Life (publication pending), placed her among the top 25 finalists in The Next Top Spiritual Author competition, emerging from a field of over 2,500 candidates from around the world.
–  Her “Creativity: A Recipe for Awakening,” was chosen to be a chapter in the anthology Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live your Best Life Now featuring Jack Canfield, released in April 1, 2012.
–   Currently she is working on a new book called, When the Wind Blows, Navigating Your True North. The Awakening compass is a tool she has developed as a divination tool, useful for tracking ones business as well as one’s personal map.

Finish the Year Strong

Designed for those who want to finish 2013 strong.  Limited to  20 people willing to commit to a goal.  Cost is $250.

DATES: Monday’s, Nov 25, December 2, 9, 16,  and 30th
PLUS a session after the New Year’s
to complete a clearing process and blessing for the New Year.
All classes will be at 11am (PST)

For personal coaching visit her website here.